What are Coil Hair Removers?

Published: 21st September 2011
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The coil hair remover is basically a stainless-steel made tool that resembles a Slinky. If you look at it closely, it looks as if it is made up of a fine, flexible spring that forms an inverted U shape when bent. In between the spring-like structure are spaces wherein fine strands of hair can be trapped. As you roll the coil up and down on your skin, the hair gets trapped and eventually removed.

How do you use a coil hair remover?

Simply hold the tool on both ends then put the middle of the coil in the area of the skin where hair is to be removed. With your fingers, roll the ends of the coil slowly up and down. You will notice some amount of pain as you start to successfully pull out and grab hair with the coil.

Using a hair removal coil is much like tweezing, only that the tool can successfully take out more hairs at once. This also means that this Slinky can save you time in removing hair. Of course, they only work best in fine hair including hair in the face (except the eyebrows) or in the legs. Other options for hair removal would have to be considered for other areas.

The Pros of the Coil Hair Remover

The coil hair remover is relatively cheap and easy to use. You only need to buy the Slinky for prices that range from $15 to up to $20. It is very convenient and time-saving as well since you target removal of a lot of hair at once.

Some Cons of the Coil Hair Remover

The coil hair remover can cause a considerable amount of pain, especially if it is your first time to try the product; it takes some getting used to. It only works best in women's facial hair, and just like tweezing, it can cause red bumps especially when done on sensitive skin. There are, however, ways to reduce pain such as: making the skin taut as you run the coil or taking pain reliever an hour before using.

There are several brands of coil hair removers available in the market today. Although they look alike, they have not been created equal. Be sure to invest in a Slinky sold by a reputable manufacturer. Also, be sure to check whether it is made up of safe and hygienic materials, and to find out whether technologies are in place to reduce discomfort and maximize results.

Finally, be sure to use the coil hair remover as directed, or ask a hair removal expert for advice before use.

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